Writing Workshop


By getting out into nature and drawing inspiration from direct experience, you will unlock your creativity and overcome self-doubt. Learn techniques to craft compelling narratives in a structured, supportive and fun environment…

Length: One day
Level: Beginner
Location: TBD

Writing clearly and concisely, with an unfolding narrative that engages the reader, is an artform that needs to be perfected. It can be a creative release where ideas flow from your pen. Or it’s a slow and painful process as we struggle to find those elusive words that capture what we are really trying to say. But why struggle alone?

Whether you are already working on a writing project but need further support or have always wanted to give writing a whirl but have lacked the confidence, then this workshop will – most importantly – get you writing.

The workshop will cover:

  • Finding inspiration and unlocking ideas
  • Overcoming fear of putting pen to paper
  • Gaining confidence in your voice
  • Mastering the story structure
  • Understanding why your audience matters
  • Learning self-editing techniques
  • Setting writing aims and goals

One of the most daunting moments of any writing project is sitting in front of a blank, white page. That clean page needs to be filled, but with what? You’ve either got so many words whizzing around your head that you don’t know which one to write first, or your mind is completely blank and it’s like learning a new language for the first time.

In a fun and supportive atmosphere, this weekend workshop will take you step-by-step through getting your ideas down on paper, finding your voice, learning about story structure, and engaging your reader. You will be given a toolkit of techniques to take home with you to ensure that writing becomes a regular practice in your life.


“The writing workshop led by Bethan has given me the confidence to flex my writing muscles over the past year. Bethan promoted creativity, wild ideas and fearless story-telling. The workshop ran with the best possible balance between learning new skills, and practising them with guidance. Bethan is professional, engaging and generally a lovely person. If you have a drive to write, but are too often confronted with writer’s block or have a fear of sitting in front of a blank page, this workshop is one for you. Thank you Bethan!” – Billy Stockwell.


bethan-john-journalist-environmental-low-resBethan John, a freelance environmental journalist, is interested in how storytelling can inspire action for biodiversity conservation and social justice. She’s published in leading international news outlets, such as The Ecologist and Mongabay. Bethan created and ran an environmental media education programme based in the Amazon rainforest, teaching skills in writing, photography and filmmaking. She has just returned from a film expedition, reporting on an illegal road that’s threatening the nature and culture of one of the most biodiverse places on Earth. Check out Bethan’s media projects »


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