Photography Workshop

wildlife-nature-photography-workshop-bethan-john1Discover how to capture nature and wildlife shots by mastering the manual settings on your camera, while getting out into the wilds and experimenting with composition. Become camera confident over a weekend exploring the beauty of nature.

Length: 3 days
Level: Beginner
Location: TBD

Nature and wildlife photography is challenging. It requires huge amounts a patience and planning. It means always being ready and taking opportunities in a constantly changing landscape. To capture the atmospheric shot that’s so vivid in your mind’s eye, you need to know your camera settings inside out.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, photography becomes a hugely rewarding and fun way to get out and connect with nature, while producing beautiful imagery of the world.


The workshop will cover:

  • Understanding the exposure triangle: aperture, shutter speed and ISO.
  • Getting creative with composition, light and movement.
  • Capturing the environmental story behind the image.
  • Planning photography trips and thinking about ethics.
  • An introduction to photo editing with Lightroom.

Over this weekend, you will master your camera’s manual settings while getting creative out in the field. It’s ideal for beginner photographers who want to gain the confidence and skills to get the correct exposure, experiment with composition, and begin photo editing. In a supportive and fun group setting, we will combine theory and hands on practice – with a strong focus on getting out there and doing it.


“I have learnt skills and techniques that have set me up for my career; I now shoot in manual with confidence and have a solid portfolio of work behind me. This is all down to my tutor’s patience, guidance and knowledge – I can’t thank her enough! She’s so enthusiastic, making you excited to learn and shoot.” – Lindsay O’Brien


bethan-john-journalist-environmental-low-resBethan John is a multimedia environmental journalist, interested in how storytelling can inspire action for biodiversity conservation and social justice. She has articles and photography published in leading international news outlets, such as The Ecologist and Mongabay. Bethan has just returned from a film expedition, where she was the lead stills photographer, reporting on an illegal road that’s threatening the nature and culture of one of the most biodiverse places on Earth. Check out Bethan’s media projects »


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