About Wildlands Creative

Wildlands Creative is a media hub using the power of storytelling to inspire, train and support changemakers.

We create award-winning independent media projects, provide training through workshops and courses, and deliver communications services and consultancy.

Our Vision – a thriving natural world that’s grown and nurtured through social equality.
Our Mission – to create & support original media projects for environmental and social justice.

Stories frame our understanding of the world and the narrative of unchecked growth and consumption must be challenged by a more compelling tale of people’s empowerment and nature’s protection.

So how do we change the story to change the world?…


We believe that you can only create compelling media projects by getting out into the field, meeting the experts, and understanding the challenges and solutions on-the-ground.

Our passion is to explore wildlands and get up-close to wildlife. We are fascinated by the different cultures across our planet. Our aim is to find the untold stories – giving a voice to marginalised and underrepresented communities.

By embarking on adventurous media expeditions across the globe, we produce solutions-based stories for environmental and social change.

What We Do

We’re an all-female team of freelance communications professionals who collaborate on:

Media Projects
Workshops & Courses
Communications Services

Our aim is simple: tell stories, share skills, inspire action for a better world.

Powerful storytelling can write our future with a narrative that has environmental protection and social equality at its heart.

“Neither revolution nor reformation can ultimately change a society, rather you must tell a powerful tale, one so persuasive that it sweeps away the old myths & becomes the preferred story” –  Ivan Illich.

Contact Us

Get in touch on wildlandscreative@gmail.com | Twitter, Facebook or Instagram | Or sign up to our monthly newsletter:

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