Case Study: Website Rebrand


Need new website content and up-dated design to communicate key messages that engage target audiences?

Discover how Wildlands Creative can produce online multimedia content that’s optimised for search engines and will drive more traffic to your website.

Project: Website rebrand and content creation
Clients: Asociación Armonía

Websites need constant work to ensure that all the content is up-to-date and on message, the design in fresh and modern with engaging multimedia, they’re user-friendly and easy to navigate, while being optimised for search engines.


As a small organisation, Asociación Armonía lacked the capacity to keep this website up-to-date and showcase their groundbreaking conservation work. The team knew that they were missing out on huge fundraising potential; their website should have been a crucial communications tool, keeping their high donors updated and inspiring new support from a global audience. Yet it was out-of-date, hard to navigate, with limited functionality and poor design. 


They commissioned Bethan John from Wildlands Creative to set-up a WordPress website and populate it with engaging online content that communicated their key messages and was optimised for search engines.

The next step was to provide the Armonía team with website and digital communications training, so that they could keep the site updated and get their key messages out to a worldwide audience. This training element is fundamental to the Wildlands Creative ethos: we give workshops to grow organisations’ communications capacity, so they are no longer reliant on external help and support.

What did Armonía think?

“I worked virtually with Bethan for over six months as she helped piece together all the elements (often in Spanish) to create a fantastic English website for Armonía. She was great to work with, efficient, easy to reach (with Skype and email), clear, and intelligent. I was really impressed by how she brought life to our mundane reports for the web pages. Bethan is very well organized, a good multi-tasker, and a pleasure to work with.”

– Bennett Hennessey, Executive Director at Armonia

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