Award-winning media expeditions to the wildest places on the planet: unearthing stories on under-reported issues

By undertaking media expeditions to some of the most biodiverse places on Earth, we unearth stories and breaking-news through investigative reporting and solutions journalism.

We focus on under-reported stories about environmental and social injustice that give a voice to marginalised communities.

We believe that the only way to create compelling journalism and media projects about environmental and social issues is to get out there, meet the experts, and understand the challenges and solutions on-the-ground.


Environmental news is under-reported. When it does hit the headlines, the mainstream media bombards us with destruction and extinctions, leading us to believe that there is nothing being done to protect our natural world. Surrounded by this negativity, we feel helpless. Helplessness leads to apathy and inaction.

This needs to change. At the same time, blindless positivity and optimism isn’t the answer. 

Instead, we aim to unearth the complex challenges and nuanced stories so that real, robust solutions can be found. 

Media expeditions

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Read articles that take you to the frontlines of conservation, published in leading international news outlets:

Corrupt police caught in Peruvian Amazon drug gang

Three policemen were arrested after a year-long investigation into narco-trafficking in Peru’s Manú Biosphere Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and top global biodiversity hotspot. This article was first published by Mongabay.

Narcos and roads threaten Peru’s indigenous communities in voluntary isolation

Narco-trafficking threatens one of the most biodiverse places on earth. Manu Biosphere Reserve, in the Peruvian Amazon, is home to a diversity of indigenous cultures, including native communities that are living in voluntary isolation. This video was first published by Mongabay.

New road cutting into Manu Biosphere Reserve in Peruvian Amazon sparks debate, fears and a film

A new documentary film about a road project in the Manu Biosphere Reserve in Peru’s south-eastern Amazon chronicles an Indigenous community’s debate about its future. This article was first published by Mongabay.

Solutions storytelling in the face of Amazon destruction

A new short film follows the journey of a logger in the Amazon. It’s a personal story of growth and transformation showing that, despite the challenges, it is possible to reverse the damaging impact that people are having on the planet. This article was first published in The Ecologist.

Why is an indigenous community destroying paradise?

A controversial new road is tearing through the most biodiverse place in Peru’s Amazon rainforest, bringing conflict and destruction. For one indigenous group, desperate for change, it also brings hope. This article was first published in The Ecologist.

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