Environmental Media Course


Travel to the heart of the Peruvian Amazon and spend three months learning multimedia skills – from writing to photography and filmmaking – delivered by highly trained professionals. Kick start your career in environmental communications…

Dates: Various throughout the year
Location: Manu Biosphere Reserve, south-eastern Peru
Price: US$4750

This Multimedia Internship, brought to you in collaboration with the Crees Foundation, will aid your career development in environmental journalism and communications through:

  • practical, hands-on training in written, photographic and film media through experiential learning.
  • mentorship by highly trained professionals, who will guide you through weekly workshops and assignments.
  • producing a professional portfolio of published multimedia work to showcase your diverse skill-set to future employers.
  • receiving careers advice and development through group workshops and one-on-one tutorials.
  • building career confidence and insight into the various employment options.

You will be based at the Manu Learning Centre, a research and education hub in the remote rainforest. Here you will live and work with a group of like-minded people from across the world, united in their passion to protect Manu Biosphere Reserve: a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most biodiverse places on Earth. During the internship, you will:

  • Learn to communicate the complex social, economic and political challenges facing Manu.
  • Support the conservation of the rainforest and empowerment of communities through improved livelihoods and living standards.
  • Spend everyday – for three months – exploring the rainforest, getting to know it intimately and meeting its wild creatures.


“My tutor stretched me and I learnt skills and techniques that have set me up for my career; I now work for Icon Films, an international natural history TV production company. I have a solid portfolio of work behind me. This is all down to my tutor’s patience, guidance and knowledge. I can’t thank her enough!” – Lindsay O’Brien, Media Intern 2017.


bethan-john-multimedia-environmental-journalist-smallBethan John: A freelance environmental journalist, Bethan specialises in biodiversity conservation and social justice. With over 10 year’s experience, she has worked with a vast number of conservation organisations to support their communications – impacting a worldwide audience and raising substantial funds for conservation action. Bethan established the Multimedia Internship in 2017 to share her skills and experience so that more people become dedicated environmental communicators and successfully break into the competitive media industry.


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