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Wildlands Creative produces award-winning independent media projects to inspire action for environmental protection and social justice. Explore…

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Our new documentary, Voices on the Road, is set deep in the remote Peruvian Amazon where a road is quietly destroying a protected rainforest, causing conflict and fear. But for some indigenous communities, desperate for change, it also brings hope. Discover more »


We capture images of natural and cultural richness to celebrate the beauty of our living planet and inspire action for its protection, while also documenting the devastation and inequality to highlight challenges and hold decision-makers to account. Discover more »


Our articles are published in leading international news outlets, such as Mongabay and The Ecologist. We report on the complex social, economic and environmental issues facing marginalised communities living in some of the most biodiverse places on Earth. Discover more »


We undertake adventurous expeditions to remote corners of the planet to unearth stories on environmental and social injustice. Expeditions enable on-the-ground research and in-depth interviews, capturing real-life stories and action-packed journeys. Discover more »


We provide a range of media workshops – on the themes of storytelling, writing, photography, filmmaking, and communications –  that are led by experienced and enthusiastic tutors who will take you out into nature for experiential learning and creativity. Discover more »


Our speaking events and film screenings are created for a variety of audiences – schools, businesses, conferences – giving a unique and thought-provoking perspective on adventurous media expeditions, biodiversity conservation and social justice. Discover more »


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