Filmmaking Workshop

environmental-filmmaking-workshopMaster the power of visual storytelling by learning the skills to write, shoot and edit a short environmental film. From developing the initial concept to producing the final cut, we will give you the skills to begin your filmmaking journey.

Length: 4 days
Level: Beginner
Location: TBD

If you are interested in producing films, this is a really exciting time. The affordability of quality equipment and editing software means that anyone can create a film, as long as they are good storytellers and are determined to hone their skills. Not only can you afford to make a film, you also have the power to publish independently and potentially reach a huge online audience, without landing a contract with an established media outlet. This is the age of Gorilla Filmmaking.

That’s not to say that filmmaking is easy – far from it. The work that goes into producing a high-quality, engaging film that lasts just 2 minutes is immense.

Over this four day course, we will guide you through the step-by-step process needed to create a short environmental video that captivates your audience.


The workshop will cover:

  • Crafting a story concept and script
  • Engaging an audience with key messages
  • Mastering camera settings and filming techniques
  • Composing and building sequences
  • Presenting and interviewing techniques
  • Kit list and equipment advice
  • Location planning and logistics
  • Budgeting, funding and promotion
  • An introduction to video editing

In a supportive and fun group setting, we will combine theory and hands-on practice, with a strong focus on getting out there and doing it. The workshop is ideal for beginner filmmakers who want to gain the confidence and skills to produce compelling visual stories that make an impact.


“My tutor stretched me and I learnt skills and techniques that have set me up for my career; I now work for Icon Films, an international natural history TV production company. I have a solid portfolio of work behind me. This is all down to my tutor’s patience, guidance and knowledge. I can’t thank her enough!” – Lindsay O’Brien, Media Intern 2017.


bethan-john-journalist-environmental-low-resBethan John is a multimedia environmental journalist, interested in how storytelling can inspire action for biodiversity conservation and social justice. She has just produced and directed a documentary about an illegal road being built through a protected area of the Amazon and how its impacting indigenous communities. Her articles and films have been published in leading international news outlets, such as The Ecologist and Mongabay. Check out Bethan’s media projects »


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