Media Workshops & Courses

Check-out our range of media workshops led by experienced and enthusiastic tutors who will take you out into nature so that together we can learn, create and inspire….


By getting out into nature and drawing inspiration from direct experience, you will overcome self-doubt to give writing a whirl in a structured and supportive environment. Discover more »

Length: One day
Level: Beginner
Location: To be announced soon.

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Through experiential, hands-on learning you will discover the power of visual storytelling to write, shoot and edit a short environmental video. Discover more »

Length: Four days
Level: Beginner
Location: To be announced soon.
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Through simple and practical techniques, you will build the knowledge and confidence needed to master those manual camera settings and begin capturing the beauty of the natural world. Discover more »

Length: Three days
Level: Beginner
Location: To be announced soon.

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Through a bespoke package, we will give your team the training and support needed to get your key messages out to your target audience. Discover more »

Length: The time you need
Level: The level you want
Location: The place you’re at
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Past Courses



By combining experiential learning and practical techniques, students learnt the skills to write, photograph and film compelling environmental stories in one of the most biodiverse places on Earth. This three month course in Manu Biosphere Reserve, the Peruvan Amazon, was created for the Crees Foundation. Discover more »



A 3-day workshop exploring mindfulness as the gateway to creating internal and collective narratives that support positive action for a happier, more peaceful and sustainable world. Storytelling makes us human. It is our narratives that shape our personal and collective experiences, as well as impacting and influencing the world around us. Stories can connect and inspire. And they can divide and destroy. It is how we relate to, and shape them, that ultimately determines our individual and collective well-being – as well as our relationship to the environment we share with other species. Discover more »


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