Wildlands Creative is commissioned by organisations to provide communications services – editorial, digital marketing, print design, photography, videography, and communications training. The aim? To get targeted and compelling messages to a wider audience for environmental and social action.

armonia-new-logoAsociación Armonía

Founded in 1993, Asociación Armonía quickly became Bolivia’s most effective conservation organisation, working with local communities to protect the country’s wildlands and wildlife. Their mission is to conserve Bolivia’s birds and their habitats by empowering local people. Read client case study »

LOGO-BirdLife-colour-transparent-background-2000pxBirdLife International

The world’s largest nature conservation Partnership, with 120 BirdLife Partners worldwide – and growing. They are driven by the belief that local people, working for nature in their own places but connected nationally and internationally through their global Partnership, are the key to sustaining all life on this planet. Read client case study »

crees-square-logo-smallCrees Foundation

Crees Foundation pioneers experiential ecotourism to support conservation and community projects in Manu Biosphere Reserve, the Peruvian Amazon. To create a secure future for people and nature, they believe that ecotourism is the most effective way to support large scale rainforest conservation and community empowerment.


Southern Cone Grasslands Alliance (SCGA)

Uniting conservationists and farmers across four countries in the Southern Cone of South America to save rich natural grasslands, this is a innovative initiative between four BirdLife International partners. Read client case study »

WLT_Green-logo-1024x507 World Land Trust (WLT)

An international conservation charity, WLT protects the world’s most biologically important and threatened habitats, acre by acre. Since its foundation in 1989, WLT has funded partners around the world to create nature reserves, giving permanent protection to habitats and wildlife. Read client case study »


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