Case Study: Editorial

birdlife-international-case-studyNeed a communications consultant and copy writer to showcase the success of your work?

Discover how Wildlands Creative can get your message out and engage target audiences.

At some point, all organisations need communications support to get their message out. They need someone with time to delve deeper, who has an outsider’s eye to offer a fresh insight into key messaging, and with the expertise to produce well researched and engaging copy that’s optimised for search engines.
BirdLife International needed just this support and commissioned Wildlands Creative as a consultant to help communicate their Grasslands Alliance initiative.

Over the 5 week project time frame, Wildlands Creative produced a variety of communications materials based on in-depth interviews with conservationists that explored the complex and controversial idea that cattle rearing could support grassland conservation. A delicate issue to communicate to environmental audiences, it needed well crafted key messages and extensive research.

What did BirdLife think

“Wildlands Creative hit the ground running with an excellent grasp and understanding of the issues. With a keen sense of a good story and an eye for detail, Wildlands Creative delivered an invaluable set of communication materials that are already starting to be noticed”

– David Wege, Senior Conservation Manager for BirdLife International.

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