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Need a publication to communicate ideas and themes in an engaging and instructive way? 

Discover how Wildlands Creative can research, write and design handbooks, manuals, and in depth publications to simply and effectively communicate complex issues.

Project: Production of a communications handbook
Client: World Land Trust

Producing publications takes research, time commitment and a fresh perspective that makes it challenging to achieve without the support of an outside communications professional.

This was the situation facing World Land Trust (WLT) when they came to produce a communications handbook for their Alliance for Conservation, a network of 30 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) working together to preserve global biodiversity.

One of 25 individuals (4 species) Roberto found feeding on Agave flowers. Photo taken by Roberto Pedraza from Partner organisation Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda (GESG), Mexico.  The aim of this project is to permanently protect the biodiversity of Sierra Gorda by purchasing areas of threatened habitat that are still under private ownership to create wildlife reserves. It is currently supported by WLT's Buy an Acre programme.

The handbook, researched and written by Bethan John from Wildlands Creative, draws together the combined knowledge and expertise of the members of the Alliance, as a tool for knowledge share and capacity building.

It’s based on 25 in-depth interviews with directors of conservation NGOs, communications experts and corporate supporters, to give examples of different communication strategies and collaborative partnerships that work in reality.

These case studies give the reader a clear insight into how they could implement communications strategies within their own organisation to build partnerships, raise awareness and finance for their conservation programmes.

What did WLT think?

“I am impressed by Bethan’s astute insights on the successes and failures of conservation programmes on-the-ground. This is why I’ve hired her to research and write a publication on conservation communications. I am convinced that Bethan, with her background of working with so many NGOs, will excel at this challenge. She is young enough to still have incredible enthusiasm and energy, but experienced enough to know what is achievable. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

– John Burton, CEO of World Land Trust

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