About Wildlands Creative

Wildlands Creative unites conservationists and creatives so that we can better understand the challenges and solutions to environmental problems, allowing us to tell compelling stories that inspire action for our natural world.

By adventuring into the wilderness to uncover conservation stories, Wildlands Creative produces media projects that inspire action for environmental protection and people empowerment.

More than that, Wildlands Creative shares these communications and media skills with nature-loving people and environmental organisations so that they can get their message out and gain greater support.

The aim is simple: tell stories, share skills, inspire action for a better world.

Wildlands Creative is a multimedia and communications organisation that was founded by journalist Bethan John, who is passionate about how environmental communications can create behaviour change.

Powerful storytelling can inspire action and write our future, with a narrative that has nature’s protection and social justice at its heart.

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Why nature conservation?

Wildlands Creative works alongside conservationists who create nature reserves – from saving the cloud forests of Mexico, to protecting the vast Pantanal wetlands of Paraguay.

Why is this important? Because protecting land from development is the most effective way of saving ecosystems from destruction – safeguarding all the interdependent animals and plants that need each other to survive.

This creates a thriving environment for people too, from ensuring communities have access to clean water and securing a stable food supply, to reducing flood risks and other natural disasters.

Committed conservationists are also empowering poor and marginalised communities by helping them create alternative livelihoods that don’t have such a negative impact on the environment.

These partnerships with local people have achieved great conservation and social success; saving a wealth of threatened habitats and endangered species, while improving living-standards for some of the poorest people in the world.

Why solutions stories?

Conservationists rarely get the recognition they deserve for the environmental protection and social transformation they achieve.

The mainstream media bombards us with news of destruction and extinctions – leading us to believe that there is nothing being done to protect our natural world. Surrounded by this negativity, we feel helpless. Helplessness leads to apathy and inaction.

In reality, conservationists are working on the frontlines – battling to save wildlands and wildlife, while empowering some of the world’s poorest people. Their story is inspiring, it grows from action and hope.

They are finding solutions to some of the most challenging environmental issues that we face. These solutions stories need to be shared.

But often their organisations are desperately underfunded; they don’t have the time or capacity to share their stories and gain greater support.

This is why Wildlands Creative was born, with a simple aim: tell stories, share skills, inspire action for a better world.

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