armonia-bolivia-wildlands-creative-bethan-johnWebsite showcasing how a conservation organisation in Bolivia in saving endangered species and empowering local people | Image © Asociación Armonía

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Project: Creating a website and writing online content
Client: Asociación Armonía and World Land Trust
Date: 2015

Many environmental organisations do not have the time or capacity to create and manage a website to showcase their work to the world. Never mind keep it updated and work out how to write engaging online content. They’re too busy in the field and on the frontlines, battling to save wildlands and wildlife.

This was the situation facing Asociación Armonía, a leading conservation organisation within Bolivia. Their innovative conservation programmes are saving the country’s rich biodiversity, while empowering poor and marginalised communities. But very few people are aware of their groundbreaking work.


Armonía provides environmental education to school children across Bolivia to inspire the next generation | Image © Armonía

The team at Armonía knew that a website should be a crucial communications tool, giving them the opportunity to connect with a global audience. It would keep their donors updated, while inspiring greater support. But the team did not of the time to create and manage a website, so they turned to their international partner organisation, the World Land Trust, for help.

Having developed a long-term working relationship with Bethan from Wildlands Creative, the World Land Trust commissioned her to set up a WordPress website for Armonía and write their online content, ensuring it was engaging to read and optimised for search engines.

The next stage is to provide the team with website training, so that they can keep the site updated and get their messages out to a worldwide audience.

This is fundamental to the Wildlands Creative ethos: we give multimedia training workshops to grow organisations’ communications capacity, so they are no longer reliant on external help and support.

What did Armonía think?

“I worked virtually with Bethan for over six months as she helped piece together all the elements (often in Spanish) to create a fantastic English website for Armonía. She was great to work with, efficient, easy to reach (with Skype and email), clear, and intelligent. I was really impressed by how she brought life to our mundane reports for the web pages. Bethan is very well organized, a good multi-tasker, and a pleasure to work with.”

– Bennett Hennessey, Executive Director at Armonia

What did World Land Trust think?

“Bethan exceeded expectations and was a great support in this process. She was able to work independently to ensure that the project was completed to a very high standard, enabling us to hand the website over to our partner with no issues. I wouldn’t hesitate in asking Bethan to support us on similar projects in the future.”

– Dan Bradbury, Head of Development at World Land Trust

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