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Our speaking events and film screenings are created for a variety of audiences – schools, businesses, conferences – giving a unique and thought-provoking perspective on adventurous media expeditions, biodiversity conservation and social justice. Check out our upcoming events…

February 2020

iber-docs-voices-on-the-road-documentaryScreening of Voices on the Road documentary

Date: 29 February, 2020 (8:15 PM)
Price: £10.50
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
With: IberoDocs Film Festival

Voices on the Road documentary will be part of this festival celebrating Ibero-American culture. Join us for a screening of the short documentary, followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers to discuss the film’s themes and what it took to make it. IberoDocs is the first showcase for Ibero-American culture in Scotland, in a festival that is as distinctive as it is unique. Get your tickets »

March 2020

tampere-festival-voices-on-the-road-documentaryScreening of Voices on the Road documentary

Date: 4-8 March, 2020
Price: Various
Location: Tampere, Finland
With: Tampere Film Festival

Voices on the Road documentary will be part of the festival’s Special Programme on the global climate crisis. Tampere is one of the most important short film festivals in Europe and its special programme will spark meaningful discussion about protecting the world’s most valuable ecosystems and indigenous cultures. Get your tickets »

voices-on-the-road-documentary-manu-biosphere-reserve-villa-salvacion-amazon-rainforest-peru-bethan-johnScreening of Voices on the Road documentary

Date: 5 March, 2020
Price: Free
Location: Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
With: The Latin Collective 

We’re delighted that Voices on the Road documentary will have its New Zealand premiere as part of La Voz de Latino América IV: La Pachamama habla – an event organised by The Latin Collective to celebrate the contribution made by their community to Wellington, Aotearoa. The event is open to the public and will look at how environmental threats develop in Latin America and impact local people. Find out more »

socially-relevant-film-fest-voices-on-the-roadScreening of Voices on the Road documentary

Date: 16-22 March, 2020
Price: Various
Location: New York
With: Socially Relevant Film Festival NY

Voices on the Road documentary will be part of the Socially Relevant Film Festival. SR believes that through raised awareness, expanded knowledge about diverse cultures, and the human condition as a whole, it is possible to create a better world free of violence, hate, and crime. Get your tickets »

through-my-eyes-film-fest-voices-on-the-roadScreening of Voices on the Road documentary

Date: 20-22 March, 2020
Price: Various
Location: Los Angeles
With: Through My Eyes Film Festival

Voices on the Road documentary will be screened as part of the Through My Eyes Film Festival, an international short film festival that seeks to showcase the stories of Indigenous peoples from all over the world. The festival aims to redefine the word Indigenous, originally meaning “of the land”, and create community through the understanding that we are all indigenous to somewhere. Get your tickets »

April 2020

writing-workshop-the-girl-that-wouldnt-give-upCreative Writing Workshop

Date: 4 April, 2020
Price: Free
Location: Insole Court, Cardiff, UK
With: Green Squirrel and The Girl Who Wouldn’t Give Up

Give creative writing a whirl in a supportive and fun setting, where you’ll learn how to tell an engaging story. In a small group and with expert guidance, you’ll start your own writing project in response to The Girl Who Wouldn’t Give Up. This project is based on a traditional Welsh tale of hope, resilience and the power of young people and communities to create incredible change. Get your tickets »

how-people-inspire-cardiffTalk: HOW Inspire CARDIFF

Date: 28 April, 2020
Price: £9.21
Location: Tramshed Tech, Cardiff, UK
With: The HOW People

HOW Inspire: #likeTEDtalksforteens is an exciting and unique evening for girls aged 12-16 years old in the Cardiff area. Four speakers (adventurous types who are changing the world) get 10 mins to tell their story. We have a bit of a break for ice cream and chats in between. At the end there is a Q&A panel with our speakers, giving the girls a chance to put some questions to them directly. Get your tickets »

June 2020

bethan-john-scientific-exploration-voices-on-the-road-film-DSC_2327SES Explorer Talk & film screening

Date: 30 June, 2020
Price: £11.37
Location: London, UK
With: Scientific Exploration Society

Discover what it takes to direct and produce your first documentary, by joining Bethan and Eilidh as they share stories from their expedition to the Amazon, unearthing stories on this hugely polarising issue impacting indigenous communities and destroying the rainforest. What does the future hold for one of the most biodiverse places on Earth? Get your tickets »

August 2020

indigenous-man-shipetiari-native-community-manu-national-park-amazon-rainforest-peru-voices-on-the-road-bethan-john-1 Castle Head Environmental Festival

Date: 22 August, 2020
Price: Early bird £10 | On the door £15
Location: Lake District, Cumbria, UK
With:  Field Studies Council

Voices on the Road will be screened as part of an evening of environmental films and inspiring talks at Castle Head Field Centre. The festival is run by the Field Studies Council, an environmental education charity, dedicated to creating a world where everyone feels connected to the environment so they can enjoy the benefits it gives and make choices that help protect it. For tickets, contact: s.coates@field-studies-council.org

September 2020

storytelling-workshop-poster-lowresStorytelling Workshop

Date: 19-22 September 2020
Price: From £285 – £465
Location: Snowdonia National Park, Wales UK
With:  Trigonos Retreat Centre

At a time where the daily narratives of unregulated growth and consumption drive environmental destruction and social inequality, we need to change the stories we live by to change the world. This 3-day workshop will combine mindfulness, creativity and storytelling for change-makers. Book your place »



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