Travel-latin-america-nature-wildlife-cultureBethan John of Wildlands Creative looks out across the wild mountains of the Sierra Gorda on a reporting expedition in Mexico | Image © Roberto Pedraza Ruiz

What does it take to adventure to some of the wildest places on the planet and report from the field?

Here at Wildlands Creative we love travel and adventure. Our passion is to explore wild places and get up-close to wildlife. We are fascinated by the different cultures across our planet.

Working with conservation organisations across the globe has allowed us to experience all this. Without doubt, it’s the best job in the world.

But this is far from the only reason we travel to remote places and report from the field. We believe that the only way to create compelling journalism and media projects about environmental issues is to get out there, meet the experts, and understand the challenges and solutions on-the-ground.


A wildlife ranger journeys with Bethan through the Amazon basin of southern Ecuador, where a planned new road threatens the region’s nature and culture | Image © Bethan John

Environmental news is under reported. When it does hit the headlines, the mainstream media bombards us with destruction and extinctions, leading us to believe that there is nothing being done to protect our natural world. Surrounded by this negativity, we feel helpless. Helplessness leads to apathy and inaction.

In reality, conservationists are working on the frontlines – battling to save wildlands and wildlife, while empowering some of the world’s poorest people. Their story is inspiring, it grows from action and hope.

They are finding solutions to some of the most challenging environmental issues that we face.

Bethan John founded Wildlands Creative because she believes that these solutions stories need to be shared. This led her to embark on a reporting expedition to Latin America.

Reporting Expedition to the Wildlands

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Bethan’s journey began at the end of 2012 when she embarked on a 14 month reporting expedition to Latin America, working as a freelance environmental journalist and providing communications training for conservation organisations.

While working in the field, Bethan uncovered many untold stories about what it takes to inspire action for environmental protection. These solutions-based stories are not being shared widely enough with the public or within the conservation community, so people are not learning from each others’ experiences, knowledge, skills and expertise.

This is why Wildlands Creative was born: to unite conservationists and creatives so that we can better understand the challenges and solutions to environmental problems, allowing us to tell compelling stories that inspire action for our natural world.

Stories from the Expedition

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Wildlands Creative wrote regular blogs, articles, reports and produced multimedia materials for international conservation charity the World Land Trust


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Wildlands Creative provided communications and media training workshops for conservation organisations across Latin America to build their skills and capacity