What We Offer

By delivering communications services and providing consultancy, Wildlands Creative creates compelling stories of environmental & social change for likeminded organisations & companies.

We provide editorial, photography, videography, design, podcasts, digital marketing and fundraising, as well as communications strategies and training.

We are a team of freelance multimedia professionals, with clients including BirdLife International and the World Land Trust.

We can help support your communications by:

  • Writing articles, news stories, blogs, case studies and publications
  • Creating websites and social media networks
  • Producing professional photography and videography
  • Setting up campaigns and fundraising initiatives
  • Providing communications and media training workshops

Why work with us?

Wildlands Creative has worked with more than a dozen environmental organisations to help support and improve their communications – from grassroots movements and small not-for-profits, to international charities.

This has given us an in-depth knowledge of the communications challenges facing environmental organisations across the world and experience of solving their problems.

What it’s like to work with us:

“Wildlands Creative hit the ground running with an excellent grasp and understanding of the issues. With a keen sense of a good story and an eye for detail, Wildlands Creative delivered an invaluable set of communication materials that are already starting to be noticed.”

– David Wege, Senior Conservation Manager for BirdLife International.

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Why do we want to help you?

That’s simple: We’ve experienced the incredible beauty of this planet and its people. We want to see this beauty to grow and be protected. We tell stories about this beauty because it inspires us: we know it can inspire others.

We use our storytelling skills and passion to drive our careers, because we don’t want to wake up feeling miserable every Monday morning. We want to collaborate with you because we believe that by working together we can create positive environmental and social change through compelling multimedia.

Want to work with us?

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