How medicinal plants help poor communities

How medicinal plants help poor communities
A ranger’s knowledge of the forest is improving the standard of living for some of the poorest people

As my boat skims across the coral fringed coast between Guatemala and Belize in Central America, the tropical forests that coat the nearby shore flash past in a green haze. I’m here with a team from FUNDAECO, a Guatemalan conservation organisation that works with local communities to protect the country’s rich wealth of biodiversity.
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Women’s empowerment & the overpopulation debate

Women’s empowerment & the overpopulation debate
Giving women control over their reproductive health and access to job opportunities will help reduce the global birth rate and lessen the strain on our natural resources

In the past 50 years the world has experienced an unprecedented increase in population growth; in 1950 the planet was populated by 2.5 billion people, growing to 6.5 million by 2005. Many conservationists argue that this is resulting in the destruction of biodiversity-rich habitats and is putting a huge strain on our natural resources.
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