Video: Real-life stories of defending wildlife

This 5 minute video showcases the stories of conservationists working on the frontlines to save threatened wildlife and habitats across Latin America

The footage and interviews were filmed in the field, while on the Wildlands Creative reporting expedition.

Margarita Island, Venezuela

Wildlife ranger Pablo walks into the dry forest of Margarita Island, Venezuela, where he risks his life to save the endangered Yellow-shouldered parrot | Image © Bethan John

The film captures the realities of what it takes to protect our natural world – from coming face-to-face with armed men in the fight to save an endangered species, to conquering your own hunter instincts thanks to an emotional encounter with a wild animal.

These real-life stories from the field are brought to you by the people who risk their lives to create environmental and social change in some the most challenging corners of the planet.

The featured conservationists are part of a global Alliance for Conservation who work together to share knowledge, skills and expertise.

Their personal stories of passion and frustration, love and loss are interlaced with beautiful imagery of landscapes and wildlife from this intoxicating continent.

The video is presented by Bethan John of Wildlands Creative for the Communicate 2015 conference.

Stories from the Expedition

Filmed by Bethan John

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