Why I’m having a conservation Christmas

Discover the greatest Christmas gift you can give your friends, your family, yourself and everyone else you can think of… plus, it won’t cost the Earth

If you’re struggling to find that perfect gift for someone this Christmas, it’s because that person belongs in one of these two groups…

Group A – The unneedy: The people that have everything they really need
Group B – The unknown: Those relatives that you just don’t really know that well

Let’s be honest, so many of our friends and family fall in to one of these two groups. Group A pretty much includes everyone that can feed and house themselves, right?


So why spend miserable hours traipsing around with hoards of other miserable people to find miserable gifts that people neither need nor want? This is a massive waste of time and time is precious – once it’s spent, you can never get it back. What’s more, the gift is going to end up in tomorrow’s rubbish bin: more waste.

So instead, why don’t we stop shopping, save our time and spend it with the friends and family we love – it’s what Christmas is all about, right? And let’s start giving gifts that are really needed.

This year I decided to buy an acre in Mexico through the World Land Trust and plant 25 trees in Ecuador, to be shared between 9 members of my family.

A Christmas gift to a conservation charity is a gift to the world. It is a gift to every person on the planet. It is a gift to every person that will ever be on this planet. And it took me less than 5 minutes to give.

I’ve been lucky enough to visit these conservation projects in Mexico and Ecuador. I have seen the breathtaking beauty that’s being saved and met the amazing people that are working to do it. I’ve spoken with the poor communities that are being empowered because of this work and are discovering how conservation can support their families for generations.

My family can even go and visit the nature reserves themselves on an incredible holiday, so I’m also pushing them to have a great, big adventure too… You simply can’t give a greater gift than that.

The cost to me: less than £14 per person. And I’m giving myself the best gift of all: more time to do the things that I’m passionate about, with the people I love.
Merry Christmas, indeed!

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