Video: Whale watching in Patagonia, Argentina

Watching southern right whales from an empty beach in Patagonia has to be one of the best wildlife experiences on Earth

I’m in La Esperanza wildlife refuge, there’s not another person to be seen from one horizon to the next, and alone I watch as a southern right whale catapult its 30-ton body above the waves

La Esperanza wildlife refuge was created in 2003 when conservationists from Fundación Patagonia Natural, with the support of the World Land Trust, brought this land from a sheep farmer and turned it into a protected area.

The grassland and bushes of the Patagonian scrub are recovering from more than 100 years of overgrazing, but now the sheep have been replaced by native guanacos, whose numbers here have risen from 100 to over 850.

The guanacos’ successful population increase has lured back their top predator: the puma. A natural balance is being restored.

You can support the on-going protection of this wildlife by donating to Keepers of the Wild, a ranger programme by the World Land Trust.

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